October 25, 2016

Soviet Airfield Z.

It was already gettng dark on the first day of our tour through East Germany together with Nordgriller Urbex, so we only had time for one more short stop. It was February after all, and the daylight was fading fast.
So we stopped along the highway when we saw the remains of an old Soviet airfield. It was the classic view - old buildings and a solar field on the former tarmac. Only in this case, there were windmills being built between the buildings.
It seemed like this former airfield didn't have much time left.
We tried a few possible entries (less to find a hidden way in, but rather to find a good place to park) until we found a good spot.
Since it was getting dark, we only had time for one or two buildings before we had to leave - but what we found makes us want to come back and see if there is anything left.

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October 15, 2016

Sanatorium L.

In urban exploration, if a spot carries the label "abandoned sanatorium", it's hard to say No if you're in the area, because, well, it's a sanatorium!
This was one of those spots. It was pretty clear that we couldn't expect much from this spot, but it was on the way, so we went there anyway.
It turned out that most of the buildings were walled shut, so we went for the main building - the only one that seemed accessible at first glance.
The sanatorium's buildings are right at the main road, so there was no parking. We made a left turn down a small path into the woods and found a small place that seemed alright for parking. It also gave us the opportunity to approach the buildings from the backside with no one being able to spot us from the road.
So we walked through the woods for a short while until we got to the construction fence that surrounded the premises. It was only a rudimentary security measure because it was full of holes that had been made by teenagers and copper thieves over the years.
Access was easy, and the building was as expected. Pretty run-down and not really worth a lot of our time.
On the way out, we discovered the stairs down to the basement, and the basement proved worthwhile after all, because there was a lot of beautiful decay, and we were able to get some nice shots using our flashlights.

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October 11, 2016

Socialist Recreation Home M.

In February of this year, my wife and I went on a three-day tour together with our friend Freddy (Nordgriller Urbex).
The main location that we had planned for this trip was an old power station - a huge place with vast halls and tons of rusty steel!
Of course, we had checked for a couple of spots on the way south to keep us occupied during the five-hour drive to the hotel. The first spot, however, was not on any of our lists. There was a traffic jam on the highway, so we took the back roads to get around it. And as always, we kept our eyes open. It's one of the things you learn pursuing this hobby - keep your eyes open, you never know what's around the next corner.
This is especially true for Eastern Germany. You can drive around the countryside and are bound to bump into a couple of lost places.
It was no different with this spot. We were driving through a small village when suddenly we spotted a beautiful old wooden house with an overgrown garden. By the time we realized what we had seen, we were around the corner, so we stopped, turned around and went back.
We were not really sure at first. The house did still look good from the outside, and there were fairly new trash on the premises. It was right in the middle of the village, but I got out of the car snd went for a quick check. The fence had been trampled down some time ago and the front door was open!

So we went in. There had obviously some renovation measures been going on. Especially the bathrooms had been neatly refurbished, but it seems as though whoever had been paing for this had either lost interest or his money...

To find out more about the history of this socialist relic and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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